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    This automated parking system contains entrance and exit (car storage and retrieval operating position), fixed elevator, rotary table (configured to adjust direction for the vehicle’s entry and exit), horizontal shuttle (transporting the vehicle inside the garage), vehicle platform (storage and retrieval device), parking device (comb frame) and control center.
    This type of parking system is mainly used for the ground or under-ground park. The contruction structure of this automated parking system is based on floor slab, which can be integrated with the architecture. The whole operational process of this parking system is fully automatic and be operated with parking payment system.
    Parktec can design non-standard according to the requirement of different clients.
    Working principle
    Elevator stands in the middle of laneway; the parking direction of vehicles parallels to the laneway. When storing, elevator takes the car to the shuttle of relevant layer, and the shuttle carries the car to the selected berth. Retrieving process is reverse.
    Technical specification
    Vehicle dimension (mm)5300×1900×1550/2050
    Elevating speed (m/min)60
    Travelling speed (m/min)60-120
    Access speed (s)25-45
    Elevating motor (KW)15
    Travelling motor (KW)2.2
    Sliding motor (KW)1.1
    Drive modeMotor + Chain
    Control modePLC
    Operation modeTouch screen or IC card
    Power unitAC 50Hz 3-phase 380V double power supply
    1. How to install the parking system?
    We will send our engineers to support and guide your installation. In addition, engineers will provide the training of operation and maintenance. What you do is to complete the foundation construction following our drawings and provide workers.
    2. Is the price negotiable?
    This is according to the detail conditions and the quantity.
    3. Any measures to protect our benefit within the warranty?
    We have the whole quality assurance policy to guarantee your benefit. Our product is insured by PICC (People’s Insurance Company of China) which covers all over the world (except north America).
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