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    1. Product Introduction
    Air driven chain hoist is a lifting tool powered by compressed air, with explosion-proof function, very suitable for high temperature, humidity, flammable, explosive and other dangerous and harsh environment working conditions
    2. Product Parameter
    TypeCapacity(tons)Pendant Throttle ControlParts of Load ChainLifting Speed Max(fpm)Lowering Speed Max(fpm)Chain length
    Model No.Net Wt.(lbs)
    Link chain129HX89592236022’-7’’,44’-8’’
    3. Product feature and application
    Main Features:
    1) Explosion-proof
    2) Fire-proof
    3) Water-proof
    4) Light weight
    5) Economical design
    6) Precise weight control
    7) Single hand control
    8) Easy to operate.Air Chain Hoist price

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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